ORGANIC Dried Thyme Leaf


A robust herb that combines well with the strong flavours of SAGE and ROSEMARY, added to slow cooked recipes or sprinkled on roasted meats. Crush the THYME leaf lightly between your fingers as you add it to your dishes to release even more flavour. Also makes wonderful infusion mixed with ginger root, honey and lemon for those winter blues.

10g (Polythene Pack) £1.90
25g (Polythene Pack) £2.20
20g (Paper Pack) £2.40
50g (Polythene Pack) £2.70
100g (Polythene Pack) £4.70

Thymus vulgaris – Tymianek

1 teaspoon dried thyme = 3 teaspoons fresh thyme

Good for Herbal Tea/ Culinary/ Soap Making

A useful addition to any kitchen

Pack Size & Type

10g (Polythene Pack), 20g (Paper Pack), 25g (Polythene Pack), 50g (Polythene Pack), 100g (Polythene Pack)


Produce of Bulgaria


25g =  approx 15 heaped teaspoons

Packaging & Storage

We use simple packaging to reduce waste and weight. Without expensive packaging and delivery costs we can provide high quality organic herbs and spices at reasonable prices.

Our herbs and spices are packaged for transport in either food safe plastic zip top bags or polythene lined paper packs and heat sealed for extra security.

To keep them at their best they should be stored in dry, air tight containers, out of direct sunlight.


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