Rum and Morgan (2 days old)

About Us

From our smallholding nr Launceston, Cornwall we are in the fortunate position to work the land and work from home. Our days are busy, tending the animals, fulfilling your orders and maintaining and improving our ground.  Our dried herbs and spice business was established when Sophie was searching for a business model after being made redundant. With a love of cooking from scratch using the best ingredients, dried foods seemed a good fit. Gaining organic certification through the Soil Association was a natural step and one that gives us and hopefully our customers confidence in the quality and traceability of our products. We were both raised on farms and we know how special our home is.  Our pasture has a huge range of plant species, allowed to flourish as an ‘unimproved’ (agricultural speak for lots of weed plants and natural herbage) sward. Not having being ploughed for many, many years. The sheep, geese and chickens graze together, each taking their choice of plant and returning the fertility to the soil.

The pigs are safely contained in their paddock under a large oak tree, allowed to lead a natural life rooting in the soil with a warm, straw filled ark for night – time and afternoon snoozes. Their diet is high quality pig feed, rolled barley and supplemented with carrots and leafy greens from the garden.

Our small flock of sheep are within sight of the house at all times any problems are spotted early and so minimal medical interventions are needed.  They are handled frequently and so any check-ups they need do not unduly stress them out.